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Call Chapple Landscaping today to find out how we can Design, Transform & Maintain your outdoor areas.

Chapple Landscaping are your go to specialists for all outdoor needs. Our team is friendly, hard working and highly trained to give you the most efficient and aesthetically pleasing outdoor spaces. Feel free to browse our page for our services, customer feedback and gallery.
While your at it, head on over to our Facebook and Instagram pages for some pictures of our most recent transformations as well as handy hints to keep your garden at its prime.
Contact us anytime via email or phone Tory to help start making your dream garden a reality!

Our Services


We can cater for all concreting needs. Pathways, driveways, tank slabs- we have it covered!

Lawn Installation & Management

Avoiding lawn due to cost? We offer a wide range of lawn options. Synthetic, seeded, thatched, instant-there are options to meet all budgets. Once installed, we offer packages to maintain your lawn.

Irrigation Installation and Management

Forget having to constantly wind up that garden hose. Chapple landscaping can install stress free, fully automatic sprinkler systems in your new or pre-existing gardens to ensure a clutter free yard.

Tiling & Paving

We offer a wide range of tiling and paving options both indoors and outdoors. Call Tory to discuss your ideas and start the process to turn them into a reality.

Horticulturist Advice & Design

Tory's horticulture qualifications can assist you in designing a low maintenance garden that is appropriate for the local environment.

Retaining Walls & Garden Beds

Retaining walls hold up your garden bed as well as add an attractive feature to your oasis. We create concrete, red gum, timber, cement blocks & hebel-rendered retaining walls to make your garden pop!

Rock Work

Rocks can be an attractive feature to your outdoor area. We can use rocks to make retaining walls, garden edging or even to create a pond to add the tranquility of water to your oasis.


As a parent, Tory knows the importance of ensuring a safe playing environment for children. Call Chapple Landscaping to discuss installing kid-friendly outdoor environments.

Sheds & Pergolas

Call today to discuss what we can do for you!

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Why Choose Chapple Landscaping

Tory is a qualified Landscaper & Horticulturist with over 10 years experience in the industry.

    Horticulturist Advice & Design
    Retaining Walls & Garden Beds
    Rock Work
    Play Grounds
    Tiling & Paving
    Sheds & Pergolas
    Lawn Installation
    Lawn Maintenance
    Lawn Management
    Irrigation Installation
    Irrigation Maintenance
    Irrigation Management

Call today to see what Chapple Landscaping can do for you.


Just a few examples of our quality professional work.


Beautiful and green all year round and easily maintained with our automatic irrigation systems. This yard is still a work in progress but I am loving the progress so far. The rendered blue board retaining wall is going to give an attractive contrast to the green lawn once it's painted


Paving, grass, playscape and play gym by Chapple Landscaping


...or in this job, the front entrance. That's a wrap at this job but first, let me take a selfie.


A simple modern design featuring sleek lines complimented with some luscious Santa Ana Couch to transform this house into a home


Special thanks to this customer for supplying such great photos so that we can share our work and love of landscaping with you all! Enjoy your new garden guys


This beautiful young family now has a safe and spacious backyard for their little man to play in. Manual sprinklers make maintaining this grass an absolute breeze. Simply turn them on, grab an iced cold beer, pull up a chair on the deck and see them work their magic. We can already see the memories being made in this yard: learning to kick a footy with Dad, exploring the world with Rocky 🐶 and picnics and cuddles with Mum. That, my friends, is why we do what we do

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